Moussawi, Lama, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor
   AUB Start Date: February, 2007

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Office Location: 309
Office Extension: 3766

 Research Interests

Revenue Management models in the cargo and cruise ship industries.
Inventory Models.

 Teaching Interests

Managerial Decision Making, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

 Office Hours

Thursday : 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


December  2006
The University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX,  United States.
Ph.D. in Management Science

December  2005
The University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX,  United States.
MS in Supply Chain Management

December  2002
The University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX,  United States.
MBA in Operations Management

August  2001
American University of Beirut
Beirut,  Lebanon.
BS in Computer Science

 Consulting work

Short Term Consulting Engagements

September  2003 - December  2003.
Ericsson. Dallas, TX, United States.
Improving Demand Forecasting Accuracy at Ericsson

Long Term Consulting Engagements

August  2005 - August  2006.
University of Texas at Dallas. International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis. Dallas, TX, United States.
Performed a study for the European Space Agency (ESA) titled “Risk Management: A Comparative Study across Sectors” with Dr. Alain Bensoussan, head of the International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis at the University of Texas at Dallas.

 Recent Research/Intellectual Contributions
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Published Articles in Refereed Journals

1. Nasr, W, Salameh, M and Moussawi, L  (forthcoming)  'Transhipment and Safety Stock under Stochastic Supply Interruption in a Production System',  Computers & Industrial Engineering

2. Moussawi, L, Salameh, M and Nasr, W  (forthcoming)  'An Instantaneous Replenishment Model under the Effect of a Sampling Policy for Defective Items',  Applied Mathematical Modelling

3. Moussawi, L and Cakanyildirim, M (2012)  'Optimal overbooking limits for a two-dimensional cargo problem',  Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management , 11:1, 453-476

4. Bensoussan, A, Moussawi, L and Cakanyildirim, M  (2010)  'Inventory control with an order-time constraint: optimality, uniqueness and significance ',  Annals of Operational Research , 181:1, 603-640

5. Maddah, B, Moussawi, L and El Taha, M  (2010)  'Dynamic Cruise Ship Revenue Management',  European Journal of Operational Research , 207:16, 445-455

6. Maddah, B, Salameh, M and Moussawi, L  (2010)  'Order Overlapping: A Practical Approach for Preventing Shortages during Screening',  Computers & Industrial Engineering , 58:4, 691-695

7. Maddah, M, Moussawi, L and Jaber, M  (2010)  'Lot Sizing with a Markov Production Process and Imperfect Items Scrapped',  International Journal of Production Economics , 124:2, 340-347

8. Moussawi, L, Salameh, M and Nasr, W  (forthcoming)  'Effect of deterioration on the instantaneous replenishment model with imperfect quality items',  Applied Mathematical Modelling

9. Nasr, W, Salameh, M and Moussawi, L  (forthcoming)  'Integrating the Economic Production Model with Deteriorating Raw Material over Multi-Production Cycles',  International Journal of Production Research

10. Moussawi, L, Dbouk, W and Jaber, M  (forthcoming)  'Coordinating a three-level supply chain with delay in payments and a discounted interest rate ',  Computers & Industrial Engineering

11. Moussawi, L and Jaber, M (forthcoming)  'A Joint Model for Cash and Inventory Management for a Retailer under Delay in Payments ',  Computers & Industrial Engineering

Other Intellectual Contributions
Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings

1.  (2007) Proceedings: Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting DSI , edited by Moussawi, L and Cakanyildirim, M. 

Refereed Conference Presentations

2. Moussawi, L and Cakayildirim, M (2007)  'Pricing a Two-Dimensional Cargo Capacity', paper presented at the Decision Sciences Institute Miniconference on Service Science  May

Non-Refereed Conference Presentations

3. Moussawi, L (2009)  'Inventory Model with Order Time Constraint', paper presented at the Production and Operations Management Society , 1-4 May, United States

4. Moussawi, L and Bensoussan, A (2007)  'Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty', paper presented at the Decision and Risk Analysis Conference: Convergence between Finance and Industry  May, United States

5. Moussawi, L, Maddah, B and Rida, H  (2011)  'Dynamic Cargo Revenue Management for Spot and Ad-Hoc Customers', paper presented at the INFORMS , 13-16 November, United States

6. Moussawi, L, Benoussan, A and Cakanyildirim, M  (2007)  '’Inventory Models with Order Time Constraints Due to Limited Supplier/Transportation Capacity', paper presented at the INFORMS  November, United States

7. Moussawi, L and Cakanyildirim, M (2007)  'A Two-Dimensional Transportation Pricing Model', paper presented at the INFORMS  November, United States

8. Moussawi, L (2009)  'Dynamic Cruise Ship Revenue Management', paper presented at the Informs , 11-14 October, United States


February  2012 - February  2013.  AAREF . "Optimal Contract Design between Two Co-Located Retailers."  Amount of Dollar Award : $ $9600

July  2011 - June  2012.  URB. "Cash management of lot sizing inventory."  Amount of Dollar Award : $ 6000

October  2009 - September  2010.  Munib Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources. "Potfolio Management of Upstream Offshore Petroleum Activities with Applications to Lebanon."  Amount of Dollar Award : $ 10,000

October  2009 - October  2010.  URB. "Dynamic Models for Cargo Revenue Management."  Amount of Dollar Award : $ 7,000


Professional Honors, Prizes and Fellowships

Invited to chair a session title "Establishing international research collaborations", at the workshop for Women in Industrial Engineering, US-Turkey, Istanbul, May 30 2012.

Panel discussant in the Workshop for Women in Industrial Engineering Academia, Turkey, USA, and the Middle East, Ankara 2008, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.