Yorke-Smith, Neil, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor
   AUB Start Date: September, 2009

Contact Information  
AUB Email: nysmith@aub.edu.lb
Other Email: nysmith@aub.edu.lb
Office Location: 448
Office Extension: 3772

 Research Interests

My research aims to help people make decisions in complex situations. In applying decision science, operations research, and artificial intelligence to practical problems, my aim is to assist the human decision maker in socio-technical systems. Motivated by important challenges we find in the real world, I want to understand and model the problems, develop theories and methodologies, and apply them to design and deploy usable tools to help solve the problems.

 Teaching Interests

Problem modelling
Decision analysis
Optimization methods
Knowledge representation
Data mining and machine learning

 Office Hours

Tuesday : 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesday : 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Thursday : 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


2012  -    2013
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Visiting Research Fellow

2009  -    Present
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon
Assistant Professor
Business Information and Decision Systems track

Find my research interests and publications at www.aub.edu.lb/~nysmith

2006  -    2009
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, United States
Visiting Lecturer

2004  -    2012
SRI International
Menlo Park, CA, United States
Research Scientist

 Teaching Activities at AUB

Teaching Preparation
Semester Course No Title
Spring-2013-2014  DCSN 200  Operations Management 
Fall-2013-2014  DCSN 205  Managerial Decision Making 
Fall-2011-2012  DCSN 205  Managerial Decision Making 
  DCSN 200  Operations Management 
Spring-2010-2011  DCSN 200  Operations Management 
Fall-2010-2011  DCSN 200  Operations Management 
  DCSN 205  Managerial Decision Making 
Spring-2009-2010  DCSN 200  Operations Management 
  DCSN 205  Managerial Decision Making 
Fall-2009-2010  DCSN 205  Managerial Decision Making 

 Recent Research/Intellectual Contributions
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Published Articles in Refereed Journals

1. Harland, J, others, and Yorke-Smith, N  (2014)  'An Operational Semantics for the Goal Life-Cycle in BDI Agent',  Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems , 28:4, 682-719

2. Kwong, H and Yorke-Smith, N (2012)  'Detection of Imperative and Declarative Question-Answer Pairs in Email Conversations',  AI Communications , 25:4, 271-283

3. Yorke-Smith, N and others,  (2012)  'The Design of a Proactive Personal Agent for Task Management',  International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools , 21:1, .90-119

4. Berry, P, others, and Yorke-Smith, N  (2011)  'PTIME: Personalized Assistance for Calendaring',  ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology , 2:4, 40:1-40:22

5. Castillo, L, Cortellessa, G and Yorke-Smith, N  (2011)  'Introduction to the Special Issue on Scheduling and Planning Applications: Selected Papers from the SPARK Workshop Series',  Computational Intelligence , 27:1, 1-3

6. Bui, H and Yorke-Smith, N (2010)  'Efficient Variable Elimination for Semi-Structured Simple Temporal Networks with Continuous Domains',  The Knowledge Engineering Review , 25:3, 337-351

7. Refanidis, I and Yorke-Smith, N (2010)  'A Constraint Based Approach to Scheduling an Individual’s Activities',  ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology , 1:2, 12:1-12:32

8. Weber, J and Yorke-Smith, N (2009)  'Designing for Usability of an Adaptive Time Management Assistant',  AI Magazine , 30:4, 103-110

9. Yorke-Smith, N and Gervet, C (2009)  'Certainty Closure: Reliable Constraint Reasoning with Uncertain Data',  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic , 10:1, 3:1-3:41

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12. Rossi, F, Venable, B and Yorke-Smith, N  (2006)  'Uncertainty in Soft Temporal Constraint Problems: A General Framework and Controllability Algorithms for the Fuzzy Case',  Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research , 27:0, 617-674

13. Riera, D and Yorke-Smith, N (2002)  'An Improved Hybrid Model for the Generic Hoist Scheduling Problem',  Annals of Operations Research , 115:0, 173-191

Other Intellectual Contributions
Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings

1. SIGCHI (2008) Proceedings: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, edited by Spaulding, A, others, and Yorke-Smith, N.  Florence, Hungary: Czerwinski, M et al (Eds)

2.  (2013) Proceedings: Proceedings of the 23rd International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’13), edited by Guo, G, Zhang, J and Yorke-Smith, N.  Beijing, China: Rossi, F (Ed)

3.  (2010) Proceedings: Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI’10), edited by Thangarajah, J, others,  and Yorke-Smith, N.  Lisbon, Portugal: Wooldridge, M. et al (Eds)

4.  (2011) Proceedings: Proceedings of the 10th International Marketing Trends Conference, edited by Leigh, L and Yorke-Smith, N. Paris, France: Conchon, F. et al (Ed)

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7. IFAAMAS (2013) Proceedings: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS’13), edited by Yorke-Smith, N, Heymans, S and Chaudhri, V.  St Paul, United States: Gini, M et al (Eds)

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12.  (2009) Proceedings: Proceedings of the ICAPS’09 Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Planning and Scheduling Problems, edited by Refanidis, I and Yorke-Smith, N. Thessaloniki, Greece: Salido, M and Bartak, R (Eds)

Published Abstracts (Refereed)

13. Anouze, A and Yorke-Smith, N (2010) Optimal National Resource Allocation for Multi-Factor Development: Cross-Country Analysis Based on DEA, 24th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXIV), Portugal

14. Srour, F, Harb, H and Yorke-Smith, N  (2010) Maritime Customs Negotiation with Corrupt Agents, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2010, United States

Published Books; Chapters in Books; Monographs

15. Dastani, M, van der Torre, L and Yorke-Smith, N  (2013) Monitoring Interaction in Organisations, Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems, United States

16. Harb, H, Srour, F and Yorke-Smith, N  (2012) A Case Study in Model Selection for Policy Engineering: Simulating Maritime Customs, Advanced Agent Technology, United States

17. van Riemsdijk, M and Yorke-Smith, N (2012) Towards Reasoning with Partial Goal Satisfaction in Intelligent Agents, Programming Multi-Agent Systems, United States

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19. Thangarajah, J, others, and Yorke-Smith, N  (2011) Operational Behaviour for Executing, Suspending, and Aborting Goals in BDI Agent Systems, Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies VIII, United States

20. Yorke-Smith, N (2011) The Success of Genre in Interaction Fiction, IF Theory Reader, United States

21. Chu, G, Petrie, K and Yorke-Smith, N  (2010) Constraint Programming to Solve Maximal Density Still Life, Game of Life Cellular Automata, United States

Published Cases in Books

22. Yorke-Smith, N (forthcoming) Kabab-ji Grill, Operations Management, 11th global edition, United Kingdom

Refereed Conference Presentations

23. Refanidis, I, Alexiadis, A and Yorke-Smith, N  (2011)  'Beyond Calendar Mashups: Intelligent Calendaring', paper presented at the Proc. of 21st Intl. Conf. on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS’11), System Demonstration Track , 11-16 June, Germany

Articles in Practice-Oriented Journals

24. Castillo, L, Cortellessa, G and Yorke-Smith, N  (2009)  'The 2008 Scheduling and Planning Applications Workshop (SPARK’08)',  AI Magazine , 30:1, 119-120

25. Barkowsky, T, et al, and Yorke-Smith, N  (2007)  'AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series Reports',  AI Magazine , 28:3, 94-101

26. Azevedo, R, others, and Yorke-Smith, N  (2011)  'Reports of the AAAI 2010 Fall Symposia',  AI Magazine , 32:1, 93-100

Curriculum Development & Teaching Innovation
New Learning Material Developed

1.  Salamoun-Sioufi, R, King, N and Yorke-Smith, N  (2010)  'Team-Based Learning in BIDS core courses', 
Adaptation and introduction of Team-Based Learning (TBL) paradigm into INFO 200 and DCSN 200 courses. Innovative use of Moodle to implement TBL’s Readiness Assurance Process.